Kintsugi Testnet
Trading Competition
Be the first to try the new Bitcoin DeFi Hub on Kintsugi and win prizes!
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From February 8th to 21st

Over $6000 in Prizes.

Participants also get early access to the DeFi Hub on Kintsugi when it's live!

+ a $500 feedback bonus

We'll select 3 people who give us useful feedback to receive $500 in rewards each.

How to participate?

For DeFi Degens: Trade Arena

Prove your DeFi skills, climb the leaderboard, and win the top prize. 
Winners will be chosen based on risk-adjusted returns*

For Enthusiasts & Hobbyists: Challenges & Raffle

Complete challenges, win prizes. Take the new BTC DeFi hub for a spin, solve tasks and qualify for a prize raffle!

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Competition Terms and Conditions

*Winners will be chosen based on risk adjusted returns as measured by the Sharpe Ratio (SR), in which SR = (Annualized Return - Risk FreeRate)/Annualized Volatility, where the Risk Free Rate is the supply annual percentage rate (APR) of USDT.
All competition prizes will be paid out in kBTC.
Competition participants must agree and abide by the Kintsugi Terms and Conditions.
Users will only be permitted to use the faucet once every 2 weeks.
Tokens used on the Kintsugi Testnet have no real value.
All competition returns will be measured in USD.
Participants are expected to make at least one trade. Those that do not will not be eligible to receive rewards.
Transferring funds between accounts is not allowed. If a transfer is made, the sending account will be disqualified.
Incoming transfers will be filtered out before final scores are calculated.
We reserve the right to disqualify users who don’t abide by the rules.